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Covid-19 Policy Private hire – Keeping you safe

We are committed to proactively reducing the spread of any disease and maintain the health of our staff and passengers.  As such, you and your passengers are urged to follow this guide to help maintain the hygiene levels that we have in place to reduce the spread of any disease.

Social Distancing

Every forward facing seat will be in use except for behind the driver. We advise passengers to maintain social distancing when boarding and exiting the coach.

Face coverings

Passengers will be required to wear a face covering while on board. Children between the ages of 4-11 will be asked to wear a face covering however, we understand this may not always be possible with children of a very young age.

Hand sanitising

Passengers are encouraged to sanitise their hands prior to boarding. A dispenser is located in the entrance to each coach.

Cleaning procedures

Our coach cleaning system includes daily disinfecting all hard surfaces, handrails, hand grabs, seat belt buckles, arm rests and floors between all journeys.

Prior to your journey

Should a passenger be showing symptoms of Covid-19 they should not try to travel and follow the government’s guidance. Travel will be refused should a passenger attempt to board with symptoms.


Although the above conditions are the company’s current policy, we are regularly reviewing procedures in place and following the government’s guidance.

Upon accepting our quotation, the hirer accepts the above conditions along with our general conditions of hire.

We thank you for your support in these difficult times.

Upton Coaches Ltd.